Transplant Cures Boy’s Allergy

peanut allergyAfter a bone marrow transplant, a 10 year old boy in the United States was cured of a severe peanut allergy… oh, and his leukemia is gone as well. Actually, the transplant was performed to treat his cancer; the effect it had on his allergy to peanuts was pure serendipity. This is not the first time that a transplant is linked to an allergy, but it usually works the other way around. That is, bone marrow, liver and kidney recipients have been reported to develop food allergies, but this is among the few times that an allergy is cured as a by-effect of a bone marrow transplant.

Food allergy has come to the forefront on public health care in America in the past few years, best exemplified by peanut, a lifelong allergy that has led to some schools enforcing a ban on all nuts. Allergic reactions can be as mild as rash and tingling, and as severe as a potentially deadly anaphylactic shock. There are cells that provide an immune response to proteins known as antigens. Sometimes these cells seem to believe that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and that’s when allergies occur.

Since these cells are located in the bone marrow, and given that such a transplant entails replacing unhealthy bone marrow cells with healthy ones, there is a chance that the overreacting cells causing allergy get lost in the shuffle too. However, as alarming as food allergy has become, bone marrow transplants are both risky and expensive, so the idea of the latter as a treatment for the former is completely out of the question. Still, these lucky shots may offer insight on how allergy comes to be, and in turn, on how it can be eradicated.

2 Responses to Transplant Cures Boy’s Allergy

  1. There are many options for allergy patients to obtain natural relief. Chiropractic for years has helped patients relieve their symptoms. As a practicing chiropractor I actually added in technology called biofeedback stress reduction therapy that tests a patient for up to 50,000 sensitivities then addresses them using LED or laser therapy on acupuncture points. We’ve had over 70% success rate and is a great option for anybody suffering with allergies.

  2. Allergies have been overlooked for a long, long time, perhaps because people don’t think they are as serious as, say, cancer or AIDS. So it’s good to see that the medical community’s awareness not only of allergy itself, but also of alternative ways to treat it and maybe even cure it, is rising more and more every single day. Few people would associate chiropractic with allergies, but you have to connect all the available dots if you want answers.

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